Work stages


  • Acquaintance

    A design project always starts with a client detailed study. We will learn about your life, features of pastime, functional wishes to the apartment, etc. First of all, you fill out a questionnaire that we send, thanks to which we can better understand the technical requirements for future interiors. We need to know your height, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, whether you have a collection of vinyl records or the need to keep a cello at home.Also, to understand your stylistic preferences, you send us a reference of what you like. Simply put - pictures of different interiors or design solutions that interest you. At this stage, we will learn about your overall project budget.


  • Measurements, signing the contract, briefing

    Next, we sign the contract and make measurements. After the measurements, we hold a meeting with you, where we immerse ourselves in your stylistic wishes, having previously analyzed the references that you sent us. This detailed briefing allows us to understand you and your request as accurately as possible to design an interior that will really resonate with you.


  • Floor plans

    After measurements and briefings, we have enough initial information to start working on a design project. First of all, we are developing 3 options of floor plans with furniture. This is a fundamental stage of work. Sockets, direction of light and more will depend on the location of the sofa.We have a meeting with you to finalize the planning decision, combining the best ideas of each of the three plans.


  • Visualizations

    The next step is to develop a design concept and visualizations. This is a long stage, which takes at least a few weeks, depending on the floorspace. To create visualizations, we use only real positions of furniture, lighting, etc. And we know how to implement all custom solutions with our contractors. Therefore, what you see in the visualization is what will surround you in reality.


  • Plans, drawings, CADs

    After approving the visualizations, we move on to the most important stage - working on the drawings. We develop all the necessary drawings that contractors may need to implement the project. This is the final stage of its part, after which you receive a printed project album.


  • Compilation of specifications

    Once the design project is ready, we pass it on to all our contractors and start filling in the specification table, which indicates the model, quantity, price and reference to each item required for it. Also, together we carry out optional trips to showrooms for selection of a tile, floor coverings, upholstered furniture and other positions which is included in service of a complete set. After receiving estimates from builders and calculations from contractors for recommended items, we add this information to the specification. Now we can start construction work.


  • Author's supervision and management

    The last stage of our work is management. First of all, we meet on site with all contractors to discuss the project. Since their work is often interconnected - this approach avoids unwanted mistakes during implementation.Initially, we receive a schedule of all rough work from our contractors and, based on it, control the timely procurement and supply of necessary materials. For this task, our team has a recruiter who conducts all communication with contractors. The client's task at this stage is to pay for all positions on time so that the work goes within the stipulated deadlines.In addition, we visit the site to check the compliance of construction works with the project. After this stage, we give you the keys and, if desired, hold a photo shoot of another successful project.Our task is to sell your interior quickly, without compromising on quality and with maximum savings of your time.