• Interior design and architecture development

    Value for you:You get a very detailed interior design and architecture project that fully meets your stylistic preferences and where every meter breathes with functionality and comfort. When developing the interior, we use only real models of lamps, furniture and decor, which guarantee its successfull realization. We select all the materials and finishes needed for it, taking into account our in-depth expertise and your preferences. Our high-detailed drawings make it easy to implement any project within any nuanced construction.
    The project includes:- a detailed study of your request, analysis of your wishes and stylistic preferences.- measurements of the premises and development of several floor plans.- design concept creation and photorealistic interior/exterior visualizations.- development of all construction drawings and high-level detailed plans.- specification indicating all selected materials, their quantity, exact model, price and article. We calculate all custom joinery, furniture and other items from our contractors and also add them to the list.

  • Management

    Value for you:You get the realized interior on time, without compromising on quality, your personal time spent on management and communication with contractors. Based on our estimates, more than 300 hours is used on that throughout the construction process.
    The management includes:- designer trips to the object to control the quality of work and compliance with the project.- communication with contractors.- selection of alternative specification items.- invoices for all materials (plumbing, lighting, electrical accessories, facing materials, paint, furniture, decorative panels, doors, decor, etc.), excluding drafts.- material delivery control.

  • Meetings

    Together with the designer you can make trips to different showrooms and pick up furniture, plumbing and finishing materials together.