Are: 141 m2Location: Kyiv, UkraineYear: 2023

Our latest venture involves a collaboration with the One by One brand, where our team has meticulously crafted three showrooms, with the most recent one located in the city of Kyiv.
The spatial concept is designed to function as a stylish backdrop for the effective presentation of clothing. The interior features light tones and clean lines, enhancing the individuality of showcased goods without disruption. To create a more diverse and inviting atmosphere, we used a mix of metal and stone instead of opting for an entirely white space.
The focal point of the showroom resides in the fitting rooms. Each exudes a distinctive design, resembling elevators or photo booths, providing customers the opportunity to stylishly capture their outfits and share them on social networks.
Considerable attention was dedicated to the placement of mirrors in various shapes and sizes. Each mirror has been thoughtfully positioned to encapsulate the store's identity and, of course, to ensure that every corner is perfectly photogenic.
In developing the One by One showroom, our objective extended beyond showcasing style to creating an atmosphere of comfort. Adjacent to the fitting rooms, we introduced a big and plush sofa, strategically separated from the sales hall. This ensures that customers can feel at ease and relaxed during their wait.