New life

location: Kyiv, Ukrainetotal square: 55sqm.year: 2022

All beauty lies in minimalism. This seemingly simple, minimalist project is actually very thoughtful. The first, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, our finished project.Our client is a bachelor. All decisions were aimed at comfort, taking into account the individual characteristics of the owner. Inside the interior reigns light, white shades and new life, despite the fact that outside the window are dark times.What is unique about this interior? One of the important elements in the apartment is a photograph of the Ukrainian artist Anton Sayenko in the very center of the kitchen-living room space. This is our first photographed and completed project in which the client entrusted us with the selection of the art object. We are artists first and foremost. Therefore, we are happy to create new interior solutions, fill them with art objects and work with modern art objects. Therefore, we are very grateful to our client for his trust.In the New Life project, there were difficulties that we solved together with the team. It was important for us that everything was in harmony and combined with each other. We selected fabric for curtains three times. We made three team outings. Why so? Because it turned out to be not so easy to find a shade that would suit the chosen sofa.


Sometimes the same color and tone number can look different on different materials. We coloured absolutely everything: windows, glass partition, walls, panels, kitchen, plinths. So that everything was as minimalist as possible and combined with each other.
We also spent quite a long time choosing a carpet and as a result did not find anything that would fit well and suit us according to the terms in Ukraine. Finally we found a solution in France. The co-founder of the studio, Victoria Karieva, bought the carpet in France and sent it to us. Now it decorates the interior and creates coziness in the living room near the sofa.
A large mirror in the bathroom was used in the interior. It is probably the main object of this space. The one-piece construction is very easy to break, while it is difficult to transport and install. It will not fit in every elevator, but we managed it.
The facility has a well-thought-out and functional kitchen. Despite the area of ​​fifty square meters, it has a large working surface. It is an u-shaped surface that can be used for cooking, eating and even work. Every centimeter of the surface can be used with benefit and comfort.
Windows in an apartment play one of the most important roles. We tried to make the most of the light and what these windows give us. Thanks to the u-shaped arrangement of the bar counter and stove, you can cook with a view of the city. Usually this bar counter is placed separately facing the wall. Therefore, in our apartment, windows were a decisive element in the arrangement of furniture and individual elements.


We are glad that the client trusted us throughout the development and implementation of the project. We offered him different solutions, unusual for most. For example, the bed is not near the wall, but just in the middle of the room. He liked this idea and we implemented it together, thanks to which we got an interesting interior solution and a wonderful view. The bed is facing the window, and remote-controlled curtains allow you to control the light and welcome the new day from under the covers.
Also, thanks to the trust of the client, we connected all our suppliers, contractors, so that they followed our recommendations and the design came out as in the picture with visualization. It was trust that led to such a result that despite the war, we sold this apartment very quickly.
We create an individual story and fit it between the walls.