location: Dilove village, Ukraine
total area: 22 sqm.
year: 2022

The micro-house project was created for the residence of one young couple. Its area is 22 m2.
The house is located in the Western part of Ukraine, village “Dilove”
The chosen location solves a number of problems: currently it is the provision of decent housing for internally displaced persons, and after the improvement of the situation in the country, the houses will be used as a tourist recreation area, to improve the economic and cultural situation in this region. Also, due to the use of specific materials in construction, it will be possible to restore the local production of marble chips, thereby providing a significant number of peasants with jobs.

The inspiration for creating this particular form of the house was examples of modernist small architectural forms, like bus stops, which were actively built on the territory of modern Ukraine in the 1950s. Thus, we, as architects, want to rethink the connection of our Soviet past with the current state of our state.

The common room is divided into 4 main zones that intertwine. Thanks to this zoning, we have a logical circular movement that allows us to use the space as efficiently as possible
One continuous furniture structure that includes places for storing things, a place for washing, a bed and a kitchen. The bed folds into a closet, thereby saving a lot of space, and frees up space for a rest area with folding chairs. Modular storage cabinets are integrated for consumables such as a washer and dryer.
The idea of installing a lowered floor in the bathroom and a water-repellent curtain - prevent water from entering the common room while taking a shower.
A retractable toilet hides in a closet, thereby providing enough space in a small room.
The sink, toilet and cistern are built into the cabinet. For safety purposes, it is attached to a steel swivel structure designed for a load of up to 270 kg.


The location of the house and panoramic windows along its entire perimeter allow you to watch the sun rise and all its way to sunset.c appearance of the building, but also for the presence of a quarry in this village, which ensures: speed of material production, savings on logistics and popularization of an abandoned type of craft. They completely cover the interior of the house and the facades.Wood was chosen as the main material for the bridge due to its good qualities and easy availability in this region.The wall construction consists of a layer of concrete slabs on all its outer sides. SIP panels and a metal frame that keeps the shape of the wall at an angle are arranged insideThe location of the house and panoramic windows along its entire perimeter allow you to watch the sun rise and all its way to sunset.For this house, we chose a small amount of building materials, so that the construction process will be quick and easy. Conventionally, it can be divided into 4 parts. This is a metal support, the main single structure of walls and floor, windows and roof. Each part overlaps one another like a constructor.