location: Kyiv, Ukrainetotal area: 100 sqm.year: 2022


There is an opinion that the ideal shape is a circle. We believe that the ideal form does not have a definite name.
In this project, we tried to emphasize the beauty of the generally accepted concept of irregular shape. That is why each Marballoon room is so different, without losing the overall leitmotif of the interior.
In the hallway, we are greeted by Jenny Nordberg mirrors, the apartment immediately plunges into a futuristic, but homey and cozy space. The next thing we see when we go into the apartment is the kitchen and dining area. Here, Artemide air lights only emphasize the freedom and lightness of the atmosphere, perfectly harmonizing with the chairs and table from B&B Italia. By the way, we borrowed spot lighting in the hall from the same brand of lamps.
In order not to overload the space, it was decided to make a hidden cooking zone, with rich marble, dramatically changing the overall picture of the room. Approaching the window, we see a neat and elegant corner for being alone, created by an armchair and ottoman by Pierre Yovanovich, as well as a laconic floor lamp Grupoblux.
Slightly shifting your gaze to the side, you can see the main focus of the guest part, the recreation area. Despite the lightness of this composition of different brands, each element here is a work of art of product design. First of all, we pay attention to the Jotjot chairs, but in a moment we see the floor lamp by Cattelan Italia and the Eichholz sofa, which supports the shape of the chairs. Also, there is an important accent of a carpet from Jotjot and a table that dissolved in the furniture ensemble, with a mirror Calligaris surface, which warm up the main group of chairs and sofa.
It is not difficult to notice that most interior elements have smooth and streamlined shapes, as if the air fills them from the inside and breaks free. We used this technique not only to create a feeling of lightness and smoothness in space, but also to emphasize the post-familiarity of our reality, in which our whole interior and atmosphere want to break all newly created borders and feel free again.
Moving to the most private area of the interior, we are first greeted by a chest of drawers by Marcin Rusak, the texture of which gently continues to use marble in the apartment. On the chest, there is a lamp from Mason Editions. The bedroom itself can be divided into sleeping and relaxing areas. You can sit down and plan your day or do affirmations in the morning in Kelly Wearstler chairs next to Bomma tables.
We returned to Artemide lamps near the bed from Baxter. The lamps approached the idea of our interior accurately and improved every room with their presence. In this case, they played well in a pair with a glass partition over the tables from Miniforms.
When we move to the bathroom, we see the activity of marble again, which we have already encountered in the kitchen area. Here it has complete power over space and all other elements seem to be subject to its texture and colour. All plumbing is selected to be minimalist enough, so that the emphasis of this room was completely focused on the stone.
The interior of this apartment was created without any restrictions from customers, and we are very grateful for that. So the idea of Marballoon is primarily the embodiment of freedom!