location: Kyiv, Ukraine
total area: 94.0 sq.m
year: 2021

Strictness, Environmental friendliness, Scandinavia, Provence. These key terms come up to mind when looking at this project, despite inconsistency.
When creating the interior of this apartment, we imagined a white base collage. And, as if on a blank canvas, various colours and textures are applied. Here you can find many different objects that do not harmonize with each other, but in colour. Though they create a real interior orchestra on the whole.
You can pay attention to the strict shelves, and then look at the textures of Provence, such as tiles on the kitchen apron or dishes on the table. By the way, have you noticed what the bedroom wardrobe handles are made of? This is how we emphasize the eco-friendly spirit of the interior.
Frankly speaking, the character of this apartment is to some point the character of the client who loves fine art.
We try to achieve this unity in each of our projects, that is why they are so different and unique at the same time.