G&G Apartment

location: Kyiv, Ukraine
total area: 55,4 sqm.
year: 2022

This project was created for a young man who works from home, loves cooking and does not like unnecessary details in the interior (and coincidentally neither do we). The interior is based around a bedroom which is separated from the kitchen/living room by a glass partition and at the same time seems to be an integral part of one large space. The bedroom is dominated by wood, as this room should be the most comfortable in the apartment. There are laconic pendant lamps by the bed, and for a feeling of complete privacy we added a curtain in front of the glass partition.
Despite the small size of the apartment, we managed to make full use of every meter. Here is a functional spacious workplace, which we highlighted visually in black and added an adjustable lamp. In the kitchen/living room, we see a space in light gray tones with wide format tiles on the wall. They play a major role together with the accent green carpet in this room.
The island and the massive part of the kitchen, which has the form of a built-in closet, allowed us to minimize the number of upper facades of the kitchen so that the wall remained free and light.
The bathroom with its tone continues the leitmotif of the entire apartment and is fully tiled. We decided to divide this room into dark and light zones, creating an atmosphere of being in a "cave" while taking a shower. Also we brought the facades closer to the color of the tiles and repeated the lamps that were placed in the bedroom.
When we visit the hall, we see a tiled area for outerwear and wet shoes. Here we added a big mirror that enlarged the space and made the walls white. All of these makes the space brighter due to the lack of natural light.