CUT Paris

Square: 55 m2Location: Paris, FranceYear: 2023

The brutal beauty of French street food and Ukrainian design
A new CUT cafe opened in the center of Paris, which immediately attracted the attention of passers-by with its brutal style which is unusual for France. We started developing this project at the end of June 2023, and in 4.5 months the bistro opened its doors for the first customers.
The concept is based on the idea of street food, and to emphasize this atmosphere in the interior design, we used rough textures: raw concrete and metal. Actually the entire design is developed in one color scheme: a combination of different shades of gray and black. Special attention was paid to lighting. Bright red lighting on the ceiling and walls contrasts with the dark grounds and creates an atmosphere that is not typically parisian.
While working on the project, it was important for us to involve Ukrainian manufacturers and contractors. The CUT tables and chairs were manufactured by the Ukrainian brand Turetskyi, and the aluminum stools were handcrafted in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Construction work was also performed by the Ukrainian company Vitalistyl, which has been working in Paris for a long time.
This decision was guided by a commitment to excellence and a desire to demonstrate our team's expertise across Europe, reflecting our mission to represent high standards and professionalism.
Studio Between the Walls is rapidly expanding and taking its first steps in the foreign market. We are happy that the first project has already been implemented!

Address: 33 rue Faubourg Saint Martin - 75010 Paris