2022 for Between the Walls 

Hi! If this is the first publication of ours that you read, then nice to meet you. We are architecture interior design studio that was born in Ukraine, and today we wanted to talk on and summarize our 2022.


We won't start with the words that this year was hard, but the next one will be better. But, we want to say, that 2022 was an incredible challenge for us, gave new opportunities and taught us how to find a way out of situations that we cannot control.

This year we celebrated 3 years since the foundation of the studio, survived the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, were gathering a team from all over the world and worked even in blackouts. But let's start from the beginning.

January-February 2022
We celebrated new year, and were still coming out of the covid crisis. We could not imagine what would happen next month. We had more than 20 active projects in Ukraine under implementation and planned how busy this year would be.

24th February-March
The beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine completely changed the vector of our life and development. Our team from the Kyiv office has moved all over the world.
Our current projects in Ukraine are frozen, as well as the activities of our social networks.

Co-founder of the studio, Andriy Anisimov moved to Chernivtsy, where he became part of the volunteer organization and was engaged in the production of bulletproof vests. And the co-founder of the studio, Victoria Karieva rescued abandoned cats from the Kyiv region. Each team member worked on their own front.

April 2022
Even since the beginning of the war, we did not collapse as a studio, and all our employees remained and got salaries for the work we could find. We started actively working on the international arena and got projects in Europe.

May 2022
This month became the period of awakening and setting priorities. We had an extension in a team with a marketing specialist. And returned to the previous process of work.
Office in Kyiv is already functioning and the co-founder Victoria as our representative works in France and all over Europe.

Summer was really active for us as a studio and became a powerful growth period.

June-July 2022
- We became the members of the French association: Alliance France Design
- One of the biggest media Amazing architecture published the project Chicago Quite Apartment on media and social networks
- crossed the threshold of 2 thousand followers in Instagram and more than 25K views on Pinterest

- We have become the members or the top Netherlands design association, BNO
- Started our blog on the website
- Finished and photographed the first project in Kyiv, Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war and named it New Life


Autumn - December 2022Probably the hardest period since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, as for the new rocket attacks and the full blackouts.
Even though, we hadn't stopped our active work, and even applied for our first competitions.
September 2022We started discovering Metaverse and published our first project there. We already had 4 publication only of this project by the top European, Asian and world medias.
October 2022On the 1st of October, we celebrated our third birthday with team in Kyiv. But for the Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can also find us on Tik Tok, that we launched recently. The arrival of cold and winter marked a new period for us. Regular power cuts and problems with the organization of work. Subsequently, total blackouts. We managed to solve all this quickly enough with the help of a generator and a starter. Now we have everything to continue working, creating designs for you and bringing victory to Ukraine closer.


Summing up this year, we got over 70 international publications of our projects in such medias as Archello, Amazing Architecture, Dwell, Archilovers, Yinji Space, Archinect, Architizer, Office Snapshots, G&G, Archilovers, Design verse, EDPA, DAS. Among them, there are three printed editions. An interview with the founders of the studio will also be published in the Dutch BNO Yearbook 22

Our Tobacco project became the project of 2022 by Archello and in G&G we were in top search among Ukrainian studios.

Between the Walls is already in France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Portugal, United States, Great Britain, Denmark and there is so much more going out soon.

We have created more than 20 new design projects, and more than 10 spaces around the world are at the stage of implementation with us now.

Even though we planned this year to be completely different, we are doing our best now in order to become stronger and provide you with better service in the future.