044D apartment

location: Kyiv, Ukraine
total area: 40,6 sqm.
year: 2021

044D is a project of a one-room apartment in a modern style, which is aimed at the most effective interaction with residents. The atmosphere of purity and tranquility is due to the combination of wood, glass and concrete materials. Our task was to find the most ergonomic solutions to accommodate everything you need for a comfortable life. Compositionally in the center of the apartment is a white cube, which is a combination of cabinet, kitchen and bathroom entrance. The living area and the bedroom are connected by a partition, to fill the apartment with daylight and separate personal space in the form of a bedroom. The glass block in the wardrobe area emphasizes the symbiosis of the internal and external history of the whole building.
In general, this is one of those objects where the client completely trusted the ideas of the designer, thanks to which such an interior was born.